by Steve Chab

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Tempo is a collection of spiritual poetry sung over a fury of dirty guitars and polyrhythmic hip hop. A lush blend of saturated shoegaze and glitchy witch house expose truth about God's love for man and man's apathy towards the Creator.


released May 1, 2013

Tempo is Steve Chab's first collection of songs written entirely after his spiritual birth. It was an independent study project advised by Riccardo Schulz at Carnegie Mellon University. All songs on Tempo were written, performed, produced, recorded, mixed, and master by Steve Chab. Lead vocals on Voice and synthesizer on Temporary Immortalization by Ezra Dulis. Piano on Gem by Jimmy Vargas. Album art by Dave Dycus and Steve Chab.




Steve Chab Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Shoegaze, polyrhythms, and distorted hip-hop. Jesus loves you!

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Track Name: Unnatural History
I jumped out of the lake.
I see the future.

Every day, you can go through hell.
The nucleus of the tower.

I wish you luck with your faith in the big bang.

Unnatural history seeded in our minds
changing our times
Unaltered rediscovered Truth changes life
send the Spirit inside

Over and around the lake.
The world must kill.
Foreigners meeting seeking spiritual healing.
Track Name: Voice
I Am what I want.
Drip down from above.
Pour down all my love.
Let earth open up.

I declare what is right.
Refused every time.
You were justified.
When I gave my life.
Track Name: Devious Methods
(Based on Psalm 39)

My life is nothing.
At best, life is a mere breath.
My days are devious.

We walk as phantoms.
We worship transient things: disciples of deceit.

I felt the Savior stretch down and purify me.
I feel the Spirit in me.

I felt the Savior climb down to circumcise me.
I feel the Spirit in me.

I feel the Savior.
Track Name: The Answer
The answer is simple.
The answer is clear.
Just open your heart and fear.

No more excuses.
Stop spinning your wheels.
React to your vision.
Make a decision.
Track Name: My Blessed Subtraction
Would all my friends abandon me at my funeral? Send me far away.

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