Wedding Favor

by Steve & Elissa

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My wife and I wrote these songs as wedding favors for our wedding. Enjoy!


released June 1, 2013




Steve Chab Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Shoegaze, polyrhythms, and distorted hip-hop. Jesus loves you!

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Track Name: Honey Dears
You're my best friend
You complete me
And I trust you

The Lord has sent
In the form of my
best friend

Honey dears my honey dears
Your love erases all my fears
Honey dears my honey dears
We'll be best friends for many years

You freely give
your love to me
your selflessness
beyond belief

you inspire me
to paint a scene
of a famous verse
John 3:16
Track Name: Dearest Darling Face
My dearest darling face (x2)
I long for your embrace
My dearest darling face (x2)

Elissa, I want to kiss ya. Tell me I'm your only man!
Oh, Stephen, tell me I'm your lady, and never let go of my hand.
You're the reason I started believing in the Father, Spirit, and Son.
Jehovah God, He planned it all along, to bring us together as one.

Happy day the Lord has made. Today is our wedding day!
Everlasting love is supernatural, cause everyday Jesus saves.
Honeydew, I give my heart to you. [For] a long life together we pray.
[Our] honeymoon vacation is soon, I give everything to you.
Track Name: Thank You
Hey, guys! Thanks for celebrating our marriage! WOO HOO! Mazel tov!!

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