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Patterns in Camouflage

by Steve Chab

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Vacations (free) 02:58
I know you want to get away from this place. It's been months since you laid by my side in a tent underneath many stars. Lakeside, we became wise to how blessed we are. In the near, I see you and me as big as we want to be, making plans to see the seven seas, from Sweden to central Italy. Build a home and settle down with me. Make plans to start a family. This is how our lives were meant to be. Please. Baby, please go anywhere with me.
We Live Fast 02:44
Someday, hopefully, respectfully, patient, Steve. You know what you want to do, but culture and the system own you. We live fast. We're creatures of habit ... the same routine repeated day after day. Oh, transcender, teach me how to be. Obviously, my path is different from yours. Can I still get to you from here? All my dreams and aspirations [are] put on hold for life's complications. Find me how I'd like to be perceived.
Muah! 03:29
Can you count how many times we kiss everyday? I describe the feeling to you, and you feel the same way. I want to end every phone call with “I love you.” I don’t want this to end. Which way would you go without me? This is not pretend. There are 1,000 songs that I could quote to describe the way I feel, but only you, my darling, can make this seem so real. Please tell me this is not a dream. Can you count how many times we kiss? I describe the feeling to you and you ...
What’s this I hear? She did what? What drove her to this? This shit is not funny. What’s this I hear? The truth is confirmed. What drove her to this? This shit is real serious. However much I’ve wished you unhappy — whenever I called you a bitch — the last thing I’d ever want for you is for you to end up like this. Something is definitely wrong. Something is definitely vile. Something is definitely disgusting.
She said, "Curse God. Curse your family. Curse everything you love except me." With her manic bind, she tainted my head. She’s my wife that fled. With the words she said, she wasted my life. She’s my wife that fled. Listen to the words I speak. My friends don’t think I’m all that weak. I carry on ... I carried on through all the months. You were making babies and getting drunk. Bathtub beds and stomach pumps? What a fuckin’ shame. Well, I don't think about it, and I get by.
You’re that Hollywood cigarette that’s desired by all. Well, I lost my lighter today, and I don’t know how to burn you. I threw away my matches a long time ago, because they remind you of forgotten times. They (the matches) don’t mean a damn to me; they are in a landfill now. I might as well be buried there myself, 'cause I ain’t worth two shits, sweetheart. My time ain’t my time, and I’m proud of where I’m from ... it’s just that damn Pennsylvania slang. I can’t afford you, princess. It’ll be a glorious day when the celebrities kick their habits.


I wrote these songs between 2005 and 2009, before I began following Jesus. Please excuse the expletives and immature lyrics. Nevertheless, I hope they bless you.


released May 29, 2012

All music written, performed and produced by Steve Chab unless otherwise noted. Piano on the song Patterns in Camouflage by Ali Spagnola. Group vocals on Pennsylvania Slang by the Keystone Choir. Recorded and engineered by Len Lanphar (Len also wrote many vocal harmonies). Mastered by Jacob Meador. Photo by George Silvaney. Art by Matt Susko and Steve Chab.




Steve Chab Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Shoegaze, polyrhythms, and distorted hip-hop. Jesus loves you!

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